Taldy-Kurgan, Russian food in central Adelaide.

Posted: December 3, 2007 in Places to eat
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One of Adelaide’s best kept secrets is Taldy-Kurgan, a Russian cafe in the Adelaide Central Markets. They have the best piroshki I’ve had in ages, and honey dough sweets that are to die for. You can buy a full meal there, from breakfast meals to dinner meals and the food is hot and plentiful. The cafe is run by a Kazakstan family and service is polite and efficient.

A review in the Adelaide Advertiser from the 18th August, 2004, says:

“All-day Russian breakfast for $7.50 is a fluffy omlette dotted with bacon, dill and onion plus three salads.” Dishes around $6.50

Last time I ate there, I got two beef and onion piroshki for $6 total, and they lasted me two meals. The opening hours of the cafe are Market day from 7.30am; Unlicensed; No bookings, Kids welcomed. You can reach them/find them Ph: 0404 451 648; Stall 3 Central Market, Grote St, ADELAIDE 5000. The cafe is also part of the Central Market Tour.

And if you’re interested in cooking food that features in the Markets, you can download the pdf of the Central Market Cookbook.

Also of interest is the 101 food secrets in Adelaide, which you can find over here.


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