Adelaide Festival of Arts: Northern Lights.

Posted: March 16, 2008 in Uncategorized
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The Adelaide Fringe Festival and Arts Festival are on at the moment and there is a lot to see and do around town. Most of it is, unfortunately, out of the price range of this blogger, but there’s some really nifty stuff on for free. Like the Northern Lights.

People ask ‘Why Northern Lights? Shouldn’t it be Aurora Australis?’ But the point is that it’s northern because it’s on North Terrace. See? North-North Terrace. It’s a play on words.

The Northern Lights takes place on North Terrace every night from 9pm to 2am. The SA Government has paid the bill to continue the lights until the end of March and the end of Daylight Saving. The display is put on by artists from the critically and internationally acclaimed group ‘The Electric Canvas’. They transformed seven of the oldest buildings on North Terrace into canvases for their art – produced by light displays projected onto the buildings. It is the largest light display installation of its kind ever seen in Australia.

Even though each of the buildings has stood for well over 100 years, this special event has allowed people to see Adelaide’s cultural boulevard in a new light. Buildings in order of appearance:
Elder Hall
Bonython Hall
Mitchell Building
The Art Gallery of South Australia
Mortlock Wing – State Library
South Australian Museum
The Institute Building.

There is a beautiful YouTube vid made of the display which really doesn’t do it justice, but does give you an overall feel for the beauty of the display. Well worth a look.

  1. sire01 says:

    Hi, I did a post on the northern lights at Scenic Adelaide with a few shots that I took last night. What is also strange is that we are using the same template.

  2. adderlaidgirl says:

    Hi. Don’t quite know what you mean re: same template, this blog uses a standard WordPress blog layout template if that’s what you mean? And the vid from YouTube wasn’t made by me as is noted at the end of the vid. So, um, yeah. Confused.

  3. sire01 says:

    Oops, my bad, I meant the same as my blog My bad.

  4. adderlaidgirl says:

    Oh righto. Mad art in your header on that blog. Did you do that? Also the name cracked me up hahaha.

  5. sire01 says:

    Actually no, it’s a photo off of one of the buildings in the City.

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