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My love for Cocolat really knows no bounds. Ever since they opened a cafe in the city, down the east end of Rundle Street, I’ve been having long, yearning thoughts about their ice cream. Particularly their hazelnut icecream. And as it’s stupid o-hot right now (seriously, weather people, it’s November, what is this?!) and the temperature is merrily climbing into the high 30’s celsius, god, doesn’t ice cream sound great?

Yeah, I thought so too.

Last time I was at Cocolat, Rian was visiting for our birthday. Because it was our birthday, we felt perfectly in our rights to engage in the indulgence of every culinary whim we had. Which resulted in Rian eating more Cocolat cake in one sitting than I’d ever seen a person do and me eating more Cocolat ice cream than I thought I’d ever do. The main reason of my lack of faith in the consumption of ice cream is due to two things: lactose intollerance and being a sufferer of the horrible toothly/jaw infliction, TMJ. I was fully prepared to suffer for my greed, but I didn’t. You cannot imagine how overjoyed this made me unless you suffer the same problems.

The polite server (and they’re all polite in Cocolat, which is a great change from spotty brats who look as if they’d rather be snogging behind the back of the sports shed or down the end of the school oval or listening to My Chemical Romance than working,) told us that the icecream was essentially a gelati, apart from the fruit based ones Cocolatwhich were sorbets. That made sense as to why the lactose intollerance didn’t kick into gear and wave in greeting as it announced it’s triumphant return performance to my post eating day. Not that you can tell when you’re eating the ice cream, mind you. It’s rich and creamy, flavourful and has a delicate texture on the tongue. The choices of flavours are also incredible – it was so hard to decide what flavour to eat. Next time, I want to try the cookies and cream, and perhaps the Kinder Surprise. Yum.

I should also point out that their cakes are to die for and their signature confection, Guilt, is one of the most gastronomic delights I’ve ever eaten. But it’s hot, and I’m hot and I really want a tub of Cocolat’s hazelnut ice cream bigger than my head right now, so that’s why I’m concentrating on their ice cream. Just before anyone asks.

Cocolat has a reputation in Adelaide for desert excellence, and the Rundle Street cafe is licensed – they have a wide variety of wines, a lot of them stickies of course, and chocolate martini’s which we didn’t try, although now that I know that, I suspect our return to Cocolat next year will include the consumption of a chocolate martini as well as cakes and ice cream.

From the website, a brief history of Cocolat.

Cocolat was established in 1992, and is a family owned and operated South Australian business. Specialising in the art of chocolate indulgences and wicked deserts and known formerly as Death By Chocolate, Cocolat has a reputation for making exclusive and yummy cakes and chocolates. All of our products are made from the finest ingredients and handmade in our Balhannah kitchen in the Adelaide Hills.

Cocolat has four outlets in Adelaide: Balhannah (83 Main Road, Balhannah), Adelaide Airport (Level 2, Andrew Thomas Cct, Adelaide Airport), Hyde Park (Shop 3, 160 King William Road, Hyde Park) and the city (281-283 Rundle Street, Adelaide). Cocolat products can also be purchased from the fine foods section of Burnside Village.

Although there is no information about whether take home packs of their ice cream are available, just about every other one of their products are available for purchase and take home enjoyment.